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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just because it's leave, doesn't mean I'm leaving...

It held sure from beyond the comfortably vacant seat next to me. Robert Frost could never have envisioned it as perfect as I experienced it. Ambiguous pronouns? No. The moment when everything is gold, the sun shines, breaking the crest of the horizon. Brief, fleeting, it’s a flash, a moment, and then it’s gone as swift as it came.

But not today. Not this morning.

As I fly back against circumstance – towards home, this sunrise holds a stunning chord in a timeless fashion. A golden glimpse, an era of perfection shines upon me as home becomes closer and closer.

I don’t worry about side chatter which has been ever present in my consciousness as of late. I think only that I, my men, and my family are a constant. And that I could never take this for granted. Two thirds of this war is over for us. It’s my turn for a break, and this I will thoroughly enjoy.

I close out part two of this journal knowing tragedy, but with a distance that keeps me able to grasp for hope. I endure vigilantly, where hope needs only men to feel, and no war can take this from them.

And though the day persists, I know we’re closer to tomorrow.

Hello Cincinnati. How are you?


Anonymous said...

Hey T!

It was great having you home... no doubt about it!

January, February, March..... whenever it is, won't be soon enough to see you again. As a third straight holiday season slowly approaches without you, I can still tell you that I am more and more proud of you each and every day.

Cincinnati is always glad to see you come home..... be safe and lets make it through a few more months full of tomorrows!

I love you,

Sarah said...

best 4 days ever
thanks for sharing it with me