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Monday, December 10, 2007

And they will call this the day of days…

“Grab some rounds boys, you might just need them.”

We’re preparing for the things which you can’t prepare for. Bravado flies high as many of our newest soldiers act as though this won’t faze them. But I know better. I was the same way my first time. I had to be strong for those around me. It’s something I do regardless of my situation. In war and peace I am a shepherd for those around me.

All that is not packed is a poncho liner, a “wuhbee.” ‘Cuz I wuhbee cold without it.

The woof of the choppers draws near, and the chalk leader sounds off… It’s a mad dash to the Chinook to load as quickly as we can, as to not waste more fuel than necessary.

It’s on.

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