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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked a man in his soul...

“Suicidal Imbecile… Disconnect and self destruct one bullet at a time.. What’s your rush now? Everyone will have his day to die...” – A Perfect Circle

Blood soaked and silent scars run throughout the cot, the home of another man. Speculation rises, words scamper amongst individuals as the sorrow tears another gaping hole through the dangerously low cup of morale. The men feel it. It’s worse than any combat tragedy. It’s worse than any accident. How do you justify someone’s decision to fall headlong?

You can’t.

You just live as dynamic as you possibly can. As with any hardship, life must go on. It’s just another day. Another man becomes Tragically Famous, for all the wrong reasons. No matter how a report is written, there are some things we can always figure out.

I’ll be choking on words as they lodge themselves past my tongue, unable to speak them. I’ll be unable to fully say how I feel about this subject. Such is the life of a shepherd, the strong.



As of 1900 – 2-30th Wild Boars has taken its first casualty in this war.

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