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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Keep on keepin' on..

It’s been only two hours since the last tragic event. The shit grows deeper as we say. An MP company was rolling outside the FOB, and the truck was hit by an IED. The gunner was killed. I don’t know his story, but a loss of the family is still a loss. And the hits keep on coming, on and on – hopefully they’ll stop near the break of dawn.

And all I can think back to is.. “Welcome to Baghdad!”

Commo blackout ensues...

[Communications Blackout is when an event where a soldier is severely wounded or killed and the internet/phones and/or other means of communicating back home are severed until the Next of Kin can be notified. Only then will communication be restored. All posts made will be post dated to the date I actually write the blog.]

[Note: all blogs containing time sensitive material will be post dated back to the date which they took place. Operations Security is of utmost importance.]



Bag Blog said...

I'm so sorry for your loss - any loss is tragic. I hope things go better in the future.

Tony said...

Keep your head up Bud, your men need you!

Love Dad

Lynnis said...


You hit the nail on the head with your title...
Prayers will be said tonight and every night for y'all. Keep your head on swivel!

Stay safe!

Ky Woman